Music Together® Online

Erin and Stephen Brand
Love Joy Music Families (location info)
Tuesday, 9:30 AM - 10:10 AM
09/22/20 - 12/08/20 (12 weeks)

Our mixed-age online sessions create a fun family feel full of opportunities for positive connections. Mixed age sessions give every child a chance to participate at exactly the level that’s comfortable for them. And families love our mixed-age sessions because siblings can play together in the same class. The Music Together® curriculum is designed to meet the needs of a broad range of ages and abilities.


We meet  online for 14 weeks for daily interactive music sessions Monday-Saturday for 20 minutes. These brief sessions are long enough to create a structured routine to start your day off right, but short enough to keep your child’s attention. The relaxed atmosphere helps everyone learn - children learn basic music skills, and grownups learn ways to share music fun with their children at home.  Children are free to participate, watch, or move around the room. We know that children who appear not to be paying attention are really learning in their own way, and will often repeat class activities perfectly after the session.  Online sessions feature a mix of songs, chants, rhythm and tonal play, movement games, and music exploration with everyday objects. Online Music Together sessions open the door to experiencing how music can support your child’s learning and bring more joy into your home.

Upcoming Meetings
11/24/20    9:30 AM Tuesday 11/24/20 9:30 AM
12/01/20    9:30 AM Tuesday 12/01/20 9:30 AM
12/08/20    9:30 AM Tuesday 12/08/20 9:30 AM