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A Beautiful Message from a Family after the Fall 2016 Semester


My 14-month-old son and I took Music Together® with Love Joy Music in the fall of 2016. The program has proved transformative for not only my son Garrett, but our family as well. I will start by saying that my son cried through the entire demo class, but as I observed Erin, Stephen, and the other families in the class, I knew there was something special happening, so I signed us up. As each class went by, Garrett became more confident, bouncing along to the music and smiling at our silly antics. 
My husband John, who had played a little guitar since he was young, decided to take the “Guitar for Grownups” class. Over the next eight weeks, we transformed into a musical family. Every night when John got home, Garrett would run to the guitar and say “gar, gar!” John would then play songs while Garrett and I practiced our moves from class. We even bought Garrett his own “gar,” a ukulele that he began to take everywhere with him, strumming it and laughing out loud. Garrett quickly developed favorite songs which he frequently requested, and we developed the habit of dancing in the kitchen as a family as we were preparing dinner. 
We found that with each week, we bonded over playing, singing, and dancing in a way that we never had before. Garrett, who had been a total mama’s boy up to this point, became his father’s biggest fan. Watching them together only deepened my love for both of them. What a lovely and unexpected surprise! The Music Together program with Love Joy Music has profoundly changed the dynamic of our family interactions. We are so grateful for these rich experiences, and we can’t wait for next semester. This time mommy will be taking “Guitar for grownups!”

With our love and deepest gratitude,
-The Bennetts


These are responses parents have written on class evaluation forms handed out at the end of the semester:

"Great musical learning experience.  Our kids appreciate music more now."

"It has been fun and educational for both the children and adults!"


"It has been very beneficial to my child's development.  We all enjoy it very much!"

"Our son, Eli, loved coming to the classes, playing the drums and meeting with his friends!  Erin and Stephen were wonderful teachers- we are hoping to continue next semester!  -Kristina Cudney

"Even when my child seems to not be paying attention, he is absorbing much of the information and I often hear him singing to himself at home.  This is an enjoyable way to spend time and interact with my child."

"My son loves the class and the teachers.  He asks about them at home and looks forward to class each week.  He also will spontaneously start singing the songs at home so I know he's learning."

"Our daughter takes 20 minutes to warm up, so sometimes she doesn't seem to be participating, but she looks forward to class every week.  And she sings the songs at home."

"Enjoyed learning new songs and introducing the children to different instruments.

"MT was a great experience for us.  We've seen our little one grow and change throughout.  Thanks Erin & Stephen.  She often fills in words to the songs when we sing at home: 'Pie's too thweet."

"I liked that the CD became a tool for my child to create/make her own music."

"Really enjoyed the class!  We listen to the CD in the car all the time.  If she's ever fussy, turning the CD on calms her down."

"Love it-  it has given us a focal point in our sharing songs and musical play.  These are now our 'go to' cds for our daily music and is perfect on long drives.  Again, we love it.  Thank you."

"Story- The other day we had a friend over.  Our daughter was feeling shy and wouldn't interact with our friend.  Then we put the MT cd on and 'presto-change-o'.  Our daughter was dancing around the room and singing.  MT is a safe place for her to have fun and be herself.  Our friend was amazed at how our daughter knew ALL the lyrics at only 2 years old!"

"This has been a wonderful activity to share with my child.  Sometimes he seems distracted during classes, but he sings the songs to himself when playing at home and he asks to listen to the CDs on a regular basis.  His interest in music, and ability to make music have grown tremendously since starting classes."