Here are some cool press clippings!

WNCT reporter, Kelly Byrne did a cool story about our new Generations classes at the Senior Center on County Home Rd.  “We’ll start out with small activities and I kind of warm them up and we’ll work on a diad where the parents and the children and the grandfriends are all interacting with each other and then we’ll start making it more exciting, we’ll add in props, and then we’ll kind of bring it back down and then we’ll grow it back up,” said Erin Brand, music therapist, Love Joy Music.

Check out the video clip here!



Stephen's interview from 8/1/16 for the Washington Daily News about conducting the Beaufort County Choral Society.  "He’s a baritone, a music and voice educator, wears stylish kilts and five-toed shoes. Stephen Brand is not your average chorale     conductor."  

Check out the story here.